Workshops in English

On all five themes there will be workshops and/or panel discussion and speeches held in English too. Workshops are open to all participants, but a small amount of places is reseved to participants who can’t participate in workshops held in Finnish.

Workshops in English on the first slot:

Value Compass of Leadership (workshop)
Taru Pulkkinen

This workshop takes you to the roots of your values. How can a leader use the Value Compass, when navigating through the good and the bad of leadership? How ethics and values define you as a leader? Welcome to join us in the quest of defining the direction to take in better leadership!

Managing yourself – Balancing career and family (hiking workshop, lasts program parts 1 & 2)
Emmi Helle

Two and a half years ago Emmi Helle, at that time the mother of three children under four, moved her family to the other side of the world to work as a postdoctoral research fellow at Stanford University. In this workshop she shares her experiences and the lessons learned on how to successfully merge pursuing a career and having a family. Major discussion themes are self-management, organizing, and prioritizing. Workshop is organized besides hiking, so please prepare with proper shoes. Take back back with drinking bottle and seat pad with you!

A real leader let others know better (hiking workshop, lasts program parts 1 & 2)
Isto Huvila

Have you ever thought how do you know what to do in tricky situations? And, do you have a clue how others do in similar circumstances? As a leader, knowing that yourself and helping others to know is your most important task. This hiking workshop discusses how to know how to know, how to help others to know better, and what competences are required to be a good information and knowledge leader. Workshop is organized besides hiking, so please prepare with proper shoesTake back back with drinking bottle and seat pad with you!

Understanding technological forces that will shape our future (workshop)
Jussi Karttila

Digitalization will definitely reshape various business branches, but also our daily lives tremendously in coming years. We will go through main driving forces, to understand changes to come. We will have group discussions and brain storming how those forces will change our livevs, but also how we can benefit from changes.

Sustainable development goals (workshop)
Johanna Pirinen

UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were launched 2015 and they provide a global agenda until 2030. To start the discussion, short examples are presented on how governments, companies and other parties are progressing SDGs and Agenda 2030. Followed by interactive workshopping on selected SDGs and what should and could be done. Can we innovate a solution to any of these huge challenges? What is your contribution?

Joint effort – How to lead planning of scout camp for 40.000 participants (speech 1, participants will also join panel discusion)
Erling Birkpak

In Denmark there is not only one scout header organization, like we have in Suomen Partiolaiset in Finland. Instead there are the five internationally recognized Danish scouts header organizations: Dansk Spejderkorps Sydslesvig, Danish Baptisters Scout Corps, The Green Girl Scouts, The Danish Scout Corps and the YMCA-scouts in Denmark. The speech is about the story, how these five organizations people were collected together to build up united and biggest scout camp ever held in Danmark with almost 40.000 participants.

How does leading volunteers differ from the leadership lessons learned at work? (panel discussion, participants will also join speech 1)
Panel partisipants e.g. Erling Birkpak, Jenni Pöllänen and Leo Stranius

The panel discussion will focus on the special features of leading volunteers and discussing why many rules that apply in working life do not apply with volunteer work. In working life financial obligations and values are often highlighted rather than social values that guide volunteer work. Volunteer work is based on the volunteer’s personal interest of being involved. There can be many reasons for this involvement. Leading volunteers has been described as giving an opportunity for the volunteers to work towards the organisations goals and principles. In what respect can you use the leadership lessons from working life when leading volunteers? The panel discussion will reflect on what is good leadership of volunteers like.

A journey to values (hiking workshop, lasts program parts 1 & 2)
Viljami Hätönen

Who are you? Not what you do, you have done or want to do. Not your job, volunteering position, education, car, hobby. But You. Who are You? What things are important for You? In this worksho you get the chance to pause for a moment and grab a hold of Yourself. Don’t worry, You’ll get help from others who wonder themselves. This workshop is based on VBL (Value based leadership) methods and arranged besides hiking, so please prepare with proper shoes, backback with waterbottle and seat pad.

Workshops in English on the second slot:

What leaders should know about brains – their own included? (workshop)
Minna Huotilainen

In this workshop we will discuss the basic foundations of brain wellbeing including sleep, nutrition and physical activity. We will develop methods that help to achieve momentary brain functionality and optimal cognitive state. We will discuss the contagiousness of emotions and utilisation of this in leadership. In this workshop you will get an answer to the question how music and singing together affects the brain. The workshop is based on Huotilainen’s own research work on these topics.

Social skills are the new currency for success  (workshop)
Mervi Pänkäläinen

None of us really knows which, if any, traditional skills will make us succeed in 2030. One thing is for sure: social skills will gain importance over academic skills. Our ability to build lasting and trusting human relationships will provide us the final competitive edge against alexas and siris.

Responsibility in the Outdoor industry (workshop)
Matthias Aßmann

Outdoor brands manufacture apparel and gear so that people could enjoy the beauty of pure nature. That´s why the industry as a whole pursues new technologies and practises to make as little impact as possible. From raw material sourcing to the end life of a product, industry needs to address environmental challenges and promote the welfare of the people, animals and resources involved in manufacturing apparel, footwear and equipment. In this workshop we look into corporate responsibility issues like supply chain management, animal welfare, chemicals management and social responsibility.

Be Ridiculous! (workshop)
Gerhard Molin

In this workshop you will play as a team LUPO: The Space adventure; a collaborative and creative role playing card game that takes you on a ridiculous sci-fi adventure. Planet Earth turned into a raisin and YOUR imagination is humanity’s only hope. LUPO: The Space Adventure will unleash your creativity and foster your communication, team working and empathy skills. By being ridiculous and not so serious, we can be truly creative